A YouTuber has Created a Portable PS2

The portable uses the original PS2 motherboard and runs the original PS2 games without an emulator.

A YouTuber GingerOfOz, known for creating portable versions of various consoles, has managed to create a portable handheld PS2. The project is called "The PS2 Eclipse" and runs all the original PS2 games without an emulator. The "Eclipse" consists of an original motherboard from a PS2, albeit trimmed to make it smaller, 3D-printed shell, and original PS Vita buttons.

GingerOfOz has created a lot of portable consoles using original parts and altering them to satisfy the needs of the creator. You can watch more of GingerOfOz's videos down below.

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  • Slim_Offset

    I tip my hat to this guy, star in the making!



    ·2 months ago·

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