Adsup: Making Creatives for Mobile Games

Adsup's Daria Vasilevskaia has explained how the company creates great ads for mobile games and shared some thoughts on using TikTok as a source of promotion.


Hello, my name is Daria Vasilevskaia, PR & Marketing Manager at  Adsup company. I graduated from the London School of Planning and Management in London, UK. Before that, I worked abroad in countries like China, the Maldives, and Australia. And the Kempinski brand in Russia. The projects were mainly related to foreign media.

Adsup is a performance marketing agency founded in 2013 that helps promote mobile applications worldwide. We provide performance marketing, UA, сreative studio, and many other things to bring the app to TOP. We have around 40 experts.

We had collaborations with inDriver, Delivery, Age of Z, Joom, and many others. Unfortunately due to NDAs, we are unable to divulge a list of all our main partners. Sales and Business Development Departments are responsible for attracting clients. Common ways to get new clients are conferences and tenders.

If we speak about the challenges, of course, the bias of clients is that the agency is not interested in the success of the client. Such a myth is common due to a single unsuccessful experience of a client with a particular agency. But this kind of negative customer experience is more of an exception than a rule. To fight against such beliefs, agencies need to provide an analyst to clients, so they can see every move. Trust is built on successful work-cases and transparent analytics, which is why 95% of our clients have worked with us for more than two years.

The client comes to increase the revenue or popularity of mobile applications. That’s what we provide. Performance marketing is primarily about achieving concrete, financially measurable business results (KPI) in the shortest possible time.

Working Process

Our workflow depends on the needs of the client; first, we’re going to download and test the app, because we have to understand all the USP. What makes this app unique and useful? It helps create a portrait of the target audience. Then we can create hypotheses, based on hypotheses, we create creatives. The next step is to launch test advertising companies and based on their results choose the best. The best are those that execute KPI clients. To understand on which platform to run mobile application promotion companies, you need to discuss this with the client. Maybe it’s a new Chinese app and the client wants to go to the Russian market, then you need local sources like MyTarget and VK business. 

As a new key success factor, we have discovered TikTok as a source for the promotion of mobile apps.
Mediascope figures for the first quarter of 2021 show 67% of TikTok users aged 18-44. The audience is very solvent and growing every year. Since we have our own creative studio, we make UGC videos. It is the type of content that looks like a video that has been created by users. I might say it’s the most effeminate advertisement that doesn’t bother the user because it’s unobtrusive. This approach to promoting the application has more user engagement.

Future Plans

We are living in a time of the pandemic, and we would like very much to return to attending conferences abroad. On the marketing side of the company, I think we will participate in a few awards and increase media publicity in 2022. 

Daria Vasilevskaia, Marketing & PR Manager

Interview conducted by Theodore Nikitin

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