#Blocktober: A Look at the Fracute Level In Valorant

Check out these behind-the-scenes shots provided by Senior Environment Artist Kevin Brunt.

Creating a single-player level that works well is tough but the task of designing a multiplayer map is on a whole other level. Let's have a look at the blockouts of VALORANT, a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS where precise gunplay is mixed with a set of unique agent abilities. Kevin Brunt, Senior Environment Artist at Riot Games who worked on the game, posted a series of tweets providing a look at the original designs of one of the VALORANT's levels. 

In a post on ArtStation, the artist noted that he joined the production after polishing the map Breeze.

"My primary focus was Attacker Side Spawn, Defender Side Spawn, A Link, A Rope, B Link, B Generator, B Tunnel, B Bench, A Hall, and Attacker Side Bridge, but honestly I was all over the place on this map," wrote Brunt. "One of the challenges with this map was the amount of trimming we had to do while we defined a few different look sets. This map was mostly a material reuse map so we had to be really creative with our textures to get the look we wanted."

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