Epik Partners With Huobi Global to Launch Its Membership Token

$EPIK prime token will drive the development and advancement of cross-chain gaming projects and protocols around NFTs and brand licensing for digital merchandise.

Epik, the global licensing agency connecting brands with AAA games, announced that it will partner with Huobi Global to launch its membership token, $EPIK, through its Huobi Prime program. Epik will be Huobi Prime #8 and will be available for sale on August 27th, 2021.  Huobi Prime is a selective program that introduces new, cutting-edge asset projects to cryptocurrency traders. Epik has created the world’s largest decentralized and cross-chain compatible network for digital collectibles, in-game experiences, and NFTs that gamers can utilize across both mainstream and crypto-based games comprising over 300 game companies and one billion gamers.

For brands and IP owners, Epik’s blockchain-powered capabilities present a low-risk opportunity for brands to explore the NFT space and get access to distribute NFTs across the world’s largest network of game companies and crypto marketplaces. Epik’s technology and brand partnerships allow for major gaming companies to engage with their audience in an entirely new way: by monetizing limited-edition collectibles to share with loyal fans and players within the gaming community.

$EPIK Prime is a membership token that powers a robust loyalty reward program that offers new products, services, and benefits to token holders such as earning exclusive rewards, the ability to pre-order items and digital collectibles, access to impossible to get in-game NFTs, and chances to win random NFT prizes.

$EPIK Prime will also provide benefits to holders in the Epikverse. The Epikverse is the name of the digital ecosystem and technology behind Epik’s consumer-facing capabilities. The Epikverse consists of a number of unique “micro-verses” that exist within other video game metaverses. As such, the Epikverse acts as a gateway between worlds, providing an interconnected network across any game in which another Epikverse exists. Through this network, users can buy, sell, and trade all forms of NFTs and digital merchandise, or even enjoy a live virtual event together with their friends, all while logged in to entirely different games. 

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