Shady Knight: A Stylish First-Person 3D Platformer by a Solo Developer

The game is being created by Alexey 'cptnsigh'.

Check out Shady Knight, a stylish and fast-paced hack-and-slash 3D platformer currently being created by Solo Game Developer Alexey 'cptnsigh'. Featuring interactive fights and fluid platforming, this first-person action game will task you to climb large towers using a grappling hook, obliterating dozens of enemies with swords, bows, spikes, and fire, all with the goal to become the most stylish and masterful knight of your era.


  • Everything is a weapon: Throw barrels at your enemies, kick them on spikes and breakable stuff, slam against the walls, slide jump on them to bash with all your speed.
  • Master of sword fights and archery: You can juggle enemies mid-air by slashing, crush them with an overhead chop, knockdown with a perfectly timed parry, shoot rapidly from a bow in a slide, or set your arrows on fire. Nothing feels better than kicking a dropped sword mid-air right into the enemy.
  • Fluid and fun platforming with many ways to traverse the towers: You’ll slide, climb, swing on chains, bounce on enemies' heads, and ride zip lines. Learn the basics, practice and you’ll be able to move across the maps quickly and effortlessly.
  • Style beats efficiency: Your goal is to become the most frightening knight. That means the Style Rank that you will get depends on the variety of different moves that you’ve used, instead of simply counting your kills.
  • Face the towers: Your skills will be tested on short and highly replayable towers that will challenge you with different fight scenarios and quick platforming bits between fights.

And here's an awesome in-game demo shared recently by the developer via Twitter:

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