Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Logos Recreated with Oscilloscope & Blender

The setup enables the artist to project Blender-made meshes and logos onto the device.

While many artists nowadays experiment with AI art, generating captivating pieces by simply providing a machine with a text description, there is at least one artist who breaks the mold and, instead of trying out "the next big thing", creates marvelous artworks with a neat device from the past. 

The artist, known only as Looma, recently made themselves famous by showcasing absolutely amazing projects created in Blender and projected onto an oscilloscope, a cool piece of tech that can graphically display varying electrical voltages on its display. Using the setup, the artist is able to turn 3D meshes and various logos into 80s-style green projections, you can check out some examples attached below:

And here's Looma's short overview explaining how the setup works:

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