Virtual Production for Storytellers Winners Announced

Check out some artworks made by beginners in 5 weeks during the challenges. 

by Ben Coello

Unreal Engine and Artstation hosted a challenge where beginners who were completely new to Unreal Engine had to create cinema-quality scenes? During the contest, beginners had access to exclusive content and attended lectures from industry experts to learn the workflow and tricks for the production. 

The participants could choose a theme of the scene as well as use Quixel, UE Marketplace, and Turbosquid for their production workflow. 

This group was really amazing to watch. They were either solving their own problems or talking it out with others, which led to some tight bonds. Some even formed little collectives, making their own Discord channels to offer tips and tricks—one group is even planning on making a movie. People really threw themselves into this and at 20 hours a week that’s pretty impressive in itself.

Deepak Chetty, Epic Games Producer, one of the hosts.

Take a look at winners’ works. 

Ben Coello

Emanuele Lomello

Ryan, a freelance artist

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