Approach to FX: Learning Houdini Workflows

Check out 5 courses on various FX creation workflow in Houdini at Rebelway school.

Explosion FX in Houdini  

Find out the insights into the explosion FX creation from Rebelway founder Saber Jlassi.

Course details:

  • the basics
  • adding smoke
  • nuclear explosion
  • rings and atmospherics
  • ground destruction
  • lighting, shading, rendering, and compositing 

Water FX in Houdini

Learn ways to create water simulation in Houdini with Igor Zanic.

During the course, you will focus on requirements, challenges, and geometry preparation, create the rock splash simulation, refine the flip fluid solver setting to find the best optimal options, lighting and shading the whale jump ocean scene, ocean rendering, and more. 

Mastering Magical FX in Houdini

FX supervisor Jayden Paterson will guide you through the creating process of magical FX in Houdini. You’ll learn how to create shields, portals, shockwaves, starting from gathering references, using SOP tools and setting them up, and experiment with simulations and possible fall-offs. The course also includes a bonus part covering compositing in Nuke.

Advanced Houdini FX - Rise 

Level up your FX workflow in Houdini with the advanced course at Rebelway. The course requires a basic knowledge of the procedural workflow in the software. 

What you’ll focus on: 

  • Tasks, budgeting, hardware requirement.
  • Ways to create a ground collapse.
  • Universal and simple render-time edge displacement with texture preservation.
  • Flowing lava workflow.
  • Creating an efficient system to post-simulate particles that match the smoke simulation without having to cache velocity field.
  • Large scale dust and smoke simulation using Houdini 18 and more.

Advanced Houdini FX - Chase

Check out a more complicated course on Houdini FX that would be a good addition to your expertise. 

The course covers: 

  • Environment creation 
  • Destruction
  • Particles 
  • Shading and rendering 
  • Smoke simulation
  • Water simulation and rendering  

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