Fan-Made Need for Speed Underground 2 Remaster Shifted to UE5

The shift enabled the team to have more stable physics and a more predictable simulation.

Back in May, we reported on 2Unreal4Underground, a fan-made Unreal Engine-powered remaster of the legendary 2004 Need for Speed: Underground 2. Recently the team shared a brand-new demo, showcasing the development process and demonstrating the new features and improvements they implemented over the past six months.

The most notable enhancement the game has received is its shift to Unreal Engine 5. According to the team, the entire project has been overhauled for the newest version of the engine, allowing the team to have more stable in-game physics and a more predictable simulation.

We are currently shifting the project to UE5 and refactoring some stuff so that will take some time, also we need to wait for FMOD support for the newest update," commented the developer. "I can already say, the performance increases with Unreal Engine 5, and tests gave us more stable physics and a more predictable simulation."

The new demo also showcased the remaster's performance upgrades, car customization menus, an improved friction system, completely new steering, and a "fully-fledged MacPherson Strut with adjustable camber, toe, and caster angles".

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